Typical Park
Typical Overhead Irrigation

Wheel tracks everywhere

Susceptible to mechanical failure

Expensive when a full circle is not possible

Smart City Parks
Smarter Overhead Irrigation

No wheel tracks and 84 m wide corridors with irrigation infrastructure at 5m high

No mechanical parts

Can start at any size block without price penalty

Remote Access To Control and/or Monitor:

What our clients say

”The floppy Sprinkler system has brought life to the desert and turned a big stretch of sandy dunes in Northern Sudan into green fields”

Mohamed Al Otaiba, Amtaar Company, UAE.

About Smarter Overhead Irrigation

Smarter Overhead Irrigation

The Floppy Sprinkler overhead irrigation system provides unobstructed irrigation for any sized cropping area with the largest installed site now measuring 15,000 hectare.

Unlike the centre pivot system used in large areas, this system has no fall out corners and as such will irrigate every m of available land.

The system consists of 6 m tall poles and a steel cable grid from where the irrigation system is suspended.

The grid measures 12m x 72m which results in creating 72m wide corridors under which farm machinery can operate freely.

Irrigation is slow like summer rain which is ideal for foliage watering, crop cooling and frost protection.

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