Typical Park
Typical Fuel Control

A central diesel tank is there for all to use without accurate recording

Poor tank level management

Poor allocation of usage per activity

Smart Fuel use on farm
Smarter Fuel Control

A swipe card in each vehicle provides access to the bowser

Accurate tank level management

Detailed recording of usage per activity

Remote Access To Control and/or Monitor:

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Brad Jones, Bungulla Farming

About Smarter Fuel Control

Smarter Fuel Control

Diesel fuel is a major cost to farmers but where is it all used.

Until now the accurate allocation of fuel costs to a variety of trucks, farm machinery and cars was almost impossible.

This also made it difficult to allocate fuel use by activity (seeding, harvesting etc).

The Smart Fuel controller uses a swipe card in each vehicle to accurately collect usage data that can then be used to allocate to activities.

In addition, the tank level can be monitored and SMS messages provided on low fuel level

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