Typical Floodlight Control
Typical Floodlights Control

Key access or pre-programmed timer setting

Free use of the lights or estimated in the lease costs

No incentive to use less light because costs are fixed

Smarter Floodlight Control
Smarter Floodlight Control

Swipe card and/or mobile device access

User pay approach with pre-payment option

Incentive to use less light and save money for clubs and council

Remote Access To Control and/or Monitor:

What our clients say

”We have 43 parks, 2 standpipes, several water tanks and 16 floodlights all connected through our Smarter Control System. Highly recommended, saved us over 200k per year in wages alone.”

Grant Voss, Town of Port Hedland

About Smarter Floodlight Control

Smarter Floodlight Control

Floodlights use a lot of energy and for most installations there is no incentive to be more prudent in using the lights.

The Smarter Floodlight Control System provides swipe card and mobile device access for individual control of poles and lamps.

The costs of the use, based in part on the energy use, is displayed on the device and accumulates during operation of the lights.

Using the pre-pay option, local governments can greatly reduce administration cost and with the lamp fault detection feature, maintenance will be so much more effective.

For LED systems using the DALI protocol, dimming of the lights is available thereby reducing running costs even further.

Trusted by over 8% of Local Australian Government Councils