Typical Standpipe control
Typical Bulk Water Access

Locked standpipes with multiple keys in circulation

Manual reading of the water meters

High admin cost

Smarter bulk water access
Smarter Bulk Water Access

Swipe card and mobile device access

Tracking of water use with pre-pay options linked to the user

Low admin cost

Remote Access To Control and/or Monitor:

What our clients say

”Before we made our standpipe Smarter, we had 7 keys in circulation for individual access. Once we changed over we received requests for more than 40 cards.”

Grant Voss, Town of Port Hedland

About Smarter Bulk Water Access

Smarter Bulk Water Access

Bulk Water Access through waist height outlets or overhead standpipes provide water to individuals, water carters or fire brigades.

Fully solar powered (with a mains powered option) the Smarter Standpipe controller provides swipe card and/or mobile device access to the unit.

An inbuilt water meter and motorised valve monitors and controls the water use.

Linked via the mobile phone network, data is accessible via a secure data server to councils for invoice purposes and to end users to check their available balance or outstanding account.

A fire brigade bypass mode (remotely enabled) provides fire fighters access without the need of a swipe card.

Trusted by over 8% of Local Australian Government Councils