Typical Grain Aeration
Typical Aeration Control

Uses a timeclock feature combined with ambient condition data to the control the fans

No feedback on the actual grain condition nor the position of the cooling or drying front

Risk of over-drying and excessive fan use

Smart Grain Aeration
Smarter Aeration Control

Fans use a predictive algorithm that compares the actual grain condition with the ambient air

Actual feedback on the position of the cooling or drying front

No risk of over-drying and lower energy cost

Remote Access To Control and/or Monitor:

What our clients say

”When selecting the Aeration Manager I based my decision on the capacity of the controller to activate the fans when the condition of the grain could be improved. And with the Aeration Manager’s ability to predict the grain condition this is just what we needed. The capacity to integrate our drag chain equipment and a our diesel generator has provided us with a complete grain management system”

Brad Jones, Bungulla Farming

About Smarter Aeration Control

Aeration Control

Grain Aeration that uses the condition of the grain compared with the ambient condition to stop or start the fans.

Now with accurate airflow measurement, the aeration front can be better tracked than ever before.

This not only provides you with reliable indications as to when your grain will reach the temperature and/or moisture targets but the new system also allows for variable speed control of the fans in order to maintain the same airflow rate no matter what type of grain or the percentage of fill.

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